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Hazard of pesticides to bees

Avignon (France), September 07-09, 1999

by Luc Belzunces (editor), Colette Pélissier (editor), Gilbert B. Lewis (editor)
Collection: Les colloques
april 2001
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This collection of papers presents the advances of the ICP-BR* Working Group on Bee Protection on the methods to assess the toxicity of pesticides to bees. These forums between industry, European administrative regulatory authorities and academic research represent the first step in the evolution of legislation concerning bee protection related to the use of plant protection products.
*ICP-BR = International Commission for Plant-Bee Relationships.

Toxicity tests
Effects of sublethal doses
Bee poisoning incidents
Non pesticide chemicals or alternative pest control methods
Residue testing
Appendix I
Appendix II
Abstracts of the Posters or Communications not developed in the book
Index of main keywords 301
List of registered persons 303
Supporting companies and organisations 309

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Language(s): English

Publisher: Inra

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Les colloques

Published: 23 april 2001

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