Natural landscapes and environment / Pollution, waste management

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A Clean Sea - Mission Impossible? Seventy Keys to Understanding Waste at Sea

Book 22,50 €

François Galgani, Isabelle Poitou, Laurent Colasse

Calanques National Park Regional Construction, Cooperation and Uses

Book 34,00 €

Analyse du risque chimique en milieu marin European Metholological Approach

Book 25,40 €

Michel Marchand, Chrystèle Tissier

Et si le littoral allait jusqu'à la mer ! Coastal Policies under the 5th Republic in France

Book 30,40 €

Alain Merckelbagh

Residual Sludge What Characterization and Environmental Impacts for Spreading?

Booklet 22,87 €

Sustainable urban water management France-Brazil observations and discussions

Book 45,60 €

Les clés des champs Questions about Agriculture

Book 13,20 €

Olivier Réchauchère, Philippe Schmidely, Thierry Doré

Traitement des effluents d elevage Technical Guide for Designers, Research Departments and Small Livestock Farmers

Book 16,00 €

José Martinez, Vincent Jaouen, Colin Burton