Natural landscapes and environment / Hydraulic installations

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Quelles rivières pour demain ? Réflexions sur l’écologie et la restauration des cours d’eau

Christian Lévêque

Book 36,00 €

Making surface water drinkable in West Africa Technical solutions adapted from the experience of the Senegal River valley

Khadim Diop , Frédéric Naulet , Ana Sanchez Riquelme, Mathieu Le Corre , Saskia Achouline

Book 19,00 €

Dismantling dams to restore watercourses Controversies and conceptions

Book 39,00 €

Territorial policy and drinking water Chronicle of a silent transformation (1970-2015)

Book 39,00 €

Mountain Torrents and Rivers Dynamics and Planning

Book 59,00 €

Retenues d'altitude

Book 50,70 €

Grands barrages et habitants The Social Risks of Development

Book 26,40 €

Surveillance, maintenance and diagnosis of flood protection dikes A practical handbook for owners and operators

Patrice Mériaux, Paul Royet

Book 59,00 €