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Plants and Their Names

Unusual Stories

by François Couplan (writer)
Collection: Guide pratique
april 2012
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This book presents the origin of common and botanical names of the best known plants in our regions. The plants are classified into six categories to make them easier to find: wild plants, vegetables, condiments, fruit, ornamental plants and other plants with miscellaneous uses. A short bibliography is followed by a general index from which you can quickly move to the article describing the origin of the name sought.



Pourquoi connaître la signification des noms des plantes ?


Comment nommer les plantes ?


Les langues d'orignine des noms des plantes


D'où proviennnent les noms des plantes ?


Plantes sauvages




Plantes ornementales

Autres plantes





Claude Bureaux (ancien jardinier en chef du Jardin des plantes de Paris), chroniqueur jardin sur France Info
a présenté ce livre le 27 juillet.

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Published: 11 april 2012

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