Les alpages a l'epreuve des loups

by Marc Vincent (writer)
Collection: Natures sociales
march 2011
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This book reflects the conflict which has been raging since 1992 between the world of pastoralism and wolf protection campaigners. After several years investigating with breeders, shepherds and many other key players in mountain regions, the author shows the complexity of wolves and sheep living side by side. Wolves are a species fully protected by the Berne Convention. The State is thus caught between its duty to protect wolves and the undeniable utility of pastoral practices that it acknowledges for the environment.
The author is convinced of the need for an active wolf management policy for peaceful coexistence between grassland users and wolf-protection campaigners.

Préface de Marie-Angèle Hermitte



I. Les composantes du pastoralisme : éleveurs, bergers, troupeaux et territoires

II. Une nouvelle forme de biodiversité : le loup

III. La délicate protection des troupeaux

IV. La nécessaire gestion de la population de loups







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Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Natures sociales

Published: 7 march 2011

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