Cactus et plantes succulentes du monde

by Francis Bugaret (writer)
Collection: Guide pratique
april 2010
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The world of cacti and other succulents holds a treasure of curious plants just waiting to be discovered and which are attracting more and more fans through their great diversity and their incredible resistance to drought. How do cacti and succulent plants survive in the most hostile, arid deserts in the world? This book gives a wealth of facts about almost one hundred of the world's rarer and less well-known cacti and succulent plants in the form of information sheets. Each sheet describes the origin, natural environment, vegetation rhythm, plant life-cycle, water requirements, type of soil and the temperature they need to flourish, together with clear instructions on how to propagate them in an artificial environment as close as possible to their natural habitat.


Évolution des succulentes à travers les âges

Fiches monographiques

Glossaire des termes utilisés


Principaux prospecteurs et botanistes

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Collection: Guide pratique

Published: 16 april 2010

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