Le captage et le stockage du CO2

Technical and Social Issues in France

by Minh Ha-Duong (editorial coordination), Naceur Chaabane (editorial coordination)
january 2010
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An industrial technology already tested in miscellaneous countries, CO2 capture and storage involves recovering the carbon dioxide and injecting it into deep geological traps. This solution, part of the fight against climate change, is arousing increasing interest in France following the Grenelle Environment Round Table.For the first time, a work is offering a state of knowledge put together by specialists from the Institute of Earth Physics, the Geological and Mining Research Office, the French Petroleum Institute and the National Centre for Scientific Research. It takes stock of the issues surrounding this new technology in France.
Beyond technical discussions between experts, the work focuses on the external communication issues and the open public debates. The viewpoints of miscellaneous stakeholders - research bodies, environmental NGO (French Climate Action Network), European lobby (Zero Emission Platform), citizens, journalists and businesses - are compared. A large part of the work attempts to shed light on the question of the social acceptability of this technology. More than just a summary of published works, this book presents and analyses two instruments of participation - a dialogue workshop and a geographical information Internet site.




Chapitre 1. Les enjeux scientifiques du stockage géologique du CO2

Chapitre 2. Enjeux techniques du stockage géologique du CO2

Chapitre 3. Les enjeux économiques

Chapitre 4. Risque et perception du public

Chapitre 5. Acceptabilité sociale et planification territoriale, éléments de réflexion à partir de l'éolien et du stockage du CO2

Chapitre 6. Le point de vue du RAC-F

Chapitre 7. Des recommandations citoyennes sur le captage et le stockage du CO2

Chapitre 8. Captage et stockage de CO2, le retour du charbon sur la scène internationale

Chapitre 9. Quelques ouvertures d'un « atelier de dialogue » : l'acceptabilité sociale du CSC

Chapitre 10. Synthèse de littérature sur l'acceptabilité sociale du captage et du stockage du CO2

Chapitre 11. METSTOR, la cartographie interactive au service de l'implication des citoyens

Chapitre 12. CSC en Europe : contribution de la coalition Zero Emission Platform (ZEP)



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Published: 19 january 2010

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