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Forests, carbon cycle and climate change

by Denis Loustau (editor)
january 2010
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The results presented in this book summarize the main findings of the CARBOFOR project, which brought together 52 scientists from 14 research units to investigate the effects of future climate on the carbon cycle, the productivity and vulnerability of French forests. This book explains the current forest carbon cycle in temperate and Mediterranean climates, including the dynamics of soil carbon and the total carbon stock of French forests, based on forest inventories. It reviews and illustrates the main ground-based methods for estimating carbon stocks in tree biomass. Spatial variations in projected climate change over metropolitan France throughout the 21st century are described. The book then goes on to consider the impacts of climate change on tree phenology and forest carbon balance, evapotranspiration and production as well as their first order interaction with forest management alternatives. The impact of climate change on forest vulnerability is analysed. A similar simulation study was carried out for a range of pathogenic fungi, emphasizing the importance of both warming and precipitation changes. The consequences of climate change on the occurrence of forest fires and the forest carbon cycle in the Mediterranean zone are also considered.A valuable reference for researchers and academics, forest engineers and managers, and graduate level students in forest ecology, ecological modelling and forestry.

Table of contents


Executive summary

Part I
The carbon cycle in temperate and Mediterranean forests

Chapter 1. The forest carbon cycle: generalities, definitions and scales
Denis Loustau, Serge Rambal

Chapter 2. Environmental control of carbon fluxes in forest ecosystems in France: a comparison of temperate, Mediterranean and tropical forests
Bernard Longdoz, André Granier, Denis Loustau, Mark Bakker, Sylvain Delzon, Andrew S. Kowalski, Serge Rambal, Éric Dufrêne, Damien Bonal, Yann Nouvellon

Chapter 3. Dynamics of soil carbon and moder horizons related to age in pine and beech stands
Bernard Guillet, Jean-Robert Disnar, Denis Loustau, Jérôme Balesdent

Chapter 4. Estimating carbon stocks in forest stands: Methodological developments
Laurent Saint-André, Patrick Vallet, Gérôme Pignard, Jean-Luc Dupouey, Antoine Colin, Denis Loustau, Christine Le Bas, Céline Meredieu, Yves Caraglio, Annabel Porté, Nabila Hamza, Antoine Cazin, Yann Nouvellon, Jean-François Dhôte

Chapter 5. Estimating carbon stocks and fluxes in forest biomass: Application to the French case based upon National Forest Inventory data
Jean-Luc Dupouey, Gérôme Pignard, Nabila Hamza, Jean-François Dhôte

Part II
Forest under a changing climate

Chapter 6
. Possible future climates in France
Michel Déqué, Émmanuel Cloppet

Chapter 7. Forest tree phenology and climate change
Isabelle Chuine

Chapter 8.
Forest tree phenology in the French Permanent Plot Network (RENECOFOR, ICP forest network)
François Lebourgeois, Erwin Ulrich

Chapter 9. Modelling tools for predicting the carbon cycle
Hendrik Davi, Christophe François, Jérôme Ogée, Éric Dufrêne, Philippe Ciais, Alexandre Bosc, Denis Loustau, Guerric le Maire

Chapter 10. How will the production of French forests respond to climate change? An integrated analysis from site to country scale
Philippe Ciais, Denis Loustau, Alexandre Bosc, Jérôme Ogée, Éric Dufrêne, Christophe François, Hendrik Davi, Nicolas Viovy, François Delage

Part III
Climate change and forest vulnerability

Chapter 11.
Climate change and the biogeography of French tree species: first results and perspectives
Vincent Badeau, Jean-Luc Dupouey, Catherine Cluzeau, Jacques Drapier, Christine Le Bas

Chapter 12. Simulating the effects of climate change on geographical range and the impact of forest pathogenic fungi
Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau, Valérie Belrose, Magali Bergot, Gilles Capron, Émmanuel Cloppet, Claude Husson, Dominique Piou, Gregory Reynaud, Cécile Robin, Benoît Marçais

Chapter 13. Mediterranean forests, fire and carbon budget: the threats of global change
Florent Mouillot, Serge Rambal, Roland Joffre, Jean-Pierre Ratte




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Published: 19 january 2010

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