Social uses of science

For a clinical sociology of the scientific field

by Pierre Bourdieu (writer)
Collection: Sciences en questions
january 2019
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According to Pierre Bourdieu, the “scientific fields” are where of necessity two forms of power corresponding to two species of “scientific capital” confront each other: a capital that can be qualified as social and a specific capital that relies almost exclusively on peer recognition. The sociology of science can assist in overcoming these contradictions and in establishing the concrete principles of a “realpolitik of reason” in this field.

Préface, par P. Champagne 


Les champs comme microcosmes relativement autonomes 

Les propriétés spécifiques des champs scientifiques 

Les deux espèces de capital scientifique 

L'espace des points de vue 

La situation particulière de l’lNRA 

Aller au-delà des apparences et des fausses antinomies 

Quelques propositions normatives 

Une conversion collective


Science... et pseudo-sciences - Avril/juin 2019

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Collection: Sciences en questions

Published: 3 january 2019

First publishing date: 1 january 1997

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