Artificialized land and land take

Drivers, impacts and potential responses

by Maylis Desrousseaux (editorial coordination), Béatrice Béchet (editorial coordination), Yves Le Bissonnais (editorial coordination), Anne Ruas (editorial coordination), Bertrand Schmitt (editorial coordination)
october 2019
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As a major reservoir of biodiversity, soils are essential for many ecosystem services such as food production, climate regulation, flood mitigation, water quality and air quality. Considered as one of the main factors in erosion of the biodiversity, land take describes the global reduction in the proportion of land allocated to farming and forestry or to natural spaces. This work identifies the decisive economic and social factors in land take and its impact on the environment and agriculture. It carries out a summary of the state of knowledge – as complete as possible – of the determinants and impacts related to land take in France and attempts to identify policy tools through a multidisciplinary approach combining life sciences and economic sciences. It highlights the specific problems associated with this phenomenon.


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Table of contents

Introduction : « L’artificialisation des sols », un objet scientifiquement ambigu

1. Des méthodes de mesure pour l’estimation de l’artificialisation des sols en France

2. Les impacts de l’artificialisation sur les caractéristiques et propriétés des sols

3. Les impacts directs et indirects de l’artificialisation sur les caractéristiques et le fonctionnement des milieux artificialisés

4. Espace agricole, activité agricole et artificialisation des sols

5. Stratégies de localisation des ménages et construction de logements

6. Les déterminants de l’artificialisation des sols par les entreprises et les infrastructures de transport

7. Éviter l’artificialisation des sols ou réduire, voire compenser, ses effets



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