Les termites dans le monde

by Alba Zaremski (writer), Dominique Louppe (writer), Daniel Fouquet (writer)
Collection: Guide pratique
july 2009
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This illustrated guide gives a comprehensive overview of termites. Despite the damage caused to houses, crops and forest plantations, their ecological role should not be overlooked. Moreover, over the past few years, they have been spreading and some species have become endemic to temperate regions. After an introduction to the life, development and functions of termites within ecosystems, the book includes descriptive sheets for six families and 37 genera, illustrated with a map of their distribution. Readers can thus easily identify the main species from among the 2500 known species.
The guide is easy to use and practical, and is intended for anyone interested in termites, both amateurs and professionals, on North and South.


  La communication
  L'alimentation et la digestion
  L'habitat et l'évolution
  La place des termites dans l'écosystème

Présentation des termites
  Répartition des termites et régions zoogéographiques
  Répertoire des termites

Présentation des espèces
  Famille des Mastotermitidae
  Famille des Kalotermitidae
  Famille des Termopsidae
  Famille des Hodotermitidae
  Famille des Rhinotermitidae
  Famille des Termitidae

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Language(s): French

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Guide pratique

Published: 17 july 2009

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