Agriculture and crop production / Agronomy and cropping systems

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La vigne, miracle de la nature ? 70 clés pour comprendre la viticulture

Frédérique Pelsy, Didier Merdinoglu

Book 19,00 €

Stocker du carbone dans les sols français Quel potentiel et à quel coût ?

Book 40,00 €

Blé dur Synthèse des connaissances pour une filière durable

Book 49,90 €

Mais que fait donc ce gendarme dans mon jardin ? 100 clés pour comprendre les petites bêtes du jardin

Patrice Leraut

Book 19,00 €

Oyapock & Maroni Portraits d’estuaires amazoniens

Antoine Gardel, Damien Davy

Hardback book 25,00 €

Coexistence and confrontation of agricultural and food models A new paradigm for territorial development?

Book 49,00 €

Plant immunity For disease-resistant crops

Book 39,00 €

Sugar beet A competitive innovation

Book 25,00 €

Sugar beet A competitive innovation

Book 29,00 €

Coffee quality The impact of post-harvest processing

Michel Barel

Book 30,00 €

Water in the farming sector Tools and methods for integrated and regional management

Book 39,00 €

The sugar saga Between sweet and sour

Joseph Garnotel

Book 28,00 €

Which type of agriculture will be irrigated tomorrow? Meeting the challenges of food security and sustainable development

Book 29,00 €

Biocontrol Elements for agro-ecological crop protection

Book 35,00 €

Biomass A rich and powerful history

Benoit Daviron

Book 49,00 €