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Ecosystem services and soil protection Legal analyses and agricultural clarifications

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Has the time of the robots come? Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

Book 19,50 €

Jean-Philippe Braly

And if we were to eat locally? What are short food supply chains going to change in my everyday life

Book 17,00 €

Patrick Philipon

Agricultural and food processing Between ecology and capitalism

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Which Rivers for Tomorrow? Thoughts on the Ecology and Restoration of Water Courses

Book 36,00 €

Christian Lévêque

Human Mobility and Environment Global to Local

Book 45,00 €

Knowledge Market Neoliberalism, Teaching and Research

Book 12,50 €

Lawrence Busch

Can We Live Without GMO? Sixty Keys for Understanding Plant Biotechnology

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Calanques National Park Regional Construction, Cooperation and Uses

Book 34,00 €

Protecting Geographical Indications European Union, France and India

Book 35,00 €

Delphine Marie-Vivien

Scientific Writing Guide Hypothesis, Lynch Pin of Scientific Communication

Book 15,20 €

David Lindsay, Pascal Poindron

Expérimentation animale Entre droit et liberté

Book 8,60 €

Jean-Pierre Marguénaud