Collection Update Sciences & technologies

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Publisher: Éditions Quae.

The Sciences & Technologies Update collection publishes works in French or English, taking stock of recent progress in various scientific and technological fields. It is geared towards scientists in the fields concerned.
It follows on from the following collections: Science update (Inra).

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Le golfe du lion An Environment Observatory in the Mediterranean

Book 45,60 €

La mise a l'epreuve. le transfert des Questioning How Scientific Knowledge is Transferred

Book 26,40 €

L'elevage en mouvement Flexibility and adaptation of herbivore farms

eBook 27,99 €

Benoît Dedieu, Eduardo Chia, Bernadette Leclerc, Muriel Tichit, Charles-Henri Moulin

Agriculture de precision

eBook 21,99 €

Genetiquement indéterminé The Auto-organization of Living Organisms

Book 30,40 €

Paysages De la connaissance à l'action

Book 32,00 €

Biodiversity and Domestication of Yams in West Africa Traditional Practices Leading to Dioscorea rotundata Poir.

eBook 11,99 €

Philippe Vernier, Alexandre Dansi, Jeanne Zoundjihèkpon, Roland Dumont