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Welfare of pigs From Birth to Slaughter

Hardback book 86,20 €

La filiere protéagineuse What are the Challenges?

Book 28,40 €

Protection des cultures From Agrochemistry to Agrecology

Book 28,00 €

Pierre Ferron, Derek Russell, Jean-Philippe Deguine

Des agronomes pour demain Supporting the Diversity of Farming Systems for Sustainable Development

Book 20,00 €

Fanongoavana Une capitale princière malgache du XIV e siècle

Book 35,50 €

David Rasamuel

Le paradoxe du café

Book 25,40 € 6,35 € (-75%)

Stefano Ponte, Benoit Daviron

Surveillance, maintenance and diagnosis of flood protection dikes A practical handbook for owners and operators

Book 59,00 €

Patrice Mériaux, Paul Royet

Mortalites estivales de l'huitre creuse Morest Program

eBook 40,99 €

La nourriture des Français From the mastery of fire to the 2030s

Book 29,40 €

Pierre Feillet

Pommiers à cidre French Varieties

Hardback book 85,00 €

Jean Michel Boré, Jean Fleckinger

Balade au pays des fromages Cheesemaking traditions in France

Book 28,40 €

Jean Froc

Invasions biologiques et extinctions 11 000 Years of the History of Vertebrates in France

Hardback book 34,50 €

Olivier Lorvelec, Jean-Denis Vigne, Michel Pascal