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Marine renewable energies Prospective Foresight Study for 2030

Book 50,70 €


Welfare of pigs From Birth to Slaughter

Hardback book 86,20 €

Surveillance, maintenance and diagnosis of flood protection dikes A practical handbook for owners and operators

Book 59,00 €

Patrice Mériaux, Paul Royet

Summer mortality of pacific oyster The Morest Project

Book 61,90 €

Sands channels mudflats Sediment Transport and Morphologic Changes

Book 7,00 €

Water governance for sustainable Approaches and Lessons from Developing and Transitional Countries

Hardback book 75,10 €

Biodiversity and Domestication of Yams in West Africa Traditional Practices Leading to Dioscorea rotundata Poir.

eBook 11,99 €

Philippe Vernier, Alexandre Dansi, Jeanne Zoundjihèkpon, Roland Dumont