Rodents of France – 3rd edition

Faunistics and Biology

by Jean-Pierre Quéré (writer), Henri Le Louarn (writer)
Collection: Guide pratique
november 2011
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Rodents are currently one of the most diverse orders of mammals. Spread through all continents, they have extremely varied ecological niches.

They form a world that includes "friendly" species like squirrels and marmots, "scary" like rats or quite simply totally unknown like a number of voles. They can cause major damage or be vectors of disease.

In France, they are broken down into six families (21 genera and 31 species). Following a description of their relationship with the environment and then with Man, they are presented in an illustrated monograph. This new edition is a unique and one of the most recent summaries of the topic. It clarifies notions put forward in some chapters of the previous edition - public health and population regulation. It updates the regulations (control and protection). It takes account of new knowledge acquired on several species (recent introductions, new species, etc.).



Anatomie générale

Installation des faunes de rongeurs

Habitats et biotopes

Détection des rongeurs dans la nature

Échantillonnage et dynamique des populations

Facteurs de régulation

Rongeurs et activités humaines

Rongeurs et santé publique

La lutte contre les rongeurs


Clés dichotomiques


Clés dichotomiques par familles et sous-familles

Clés dichotomiques des espèces


Description des différentes espèces

La famille des Sciuridés

La famille des Gliridés

La famille des Castoridés

La famille des Cricétidés

La famille des Muridés

La famille des Myocastoridés




Bibliographie générale



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Edition: 3th edition

Collection: Guide pratique

Published: 29 november 2011

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