What is Ecologically-intensive Agriculture?

by Michel Griffon (writer)
february 2013
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This book champions the idea that it is possible to achieve plentiful agricultural production whilst improving the quality of the environment. It discusses the various specific features of ecologically-intensive agriculture, sets out the changes in the concept and states the means of expanding the use of ecological functionalities for agriculture and animal husbandry. It addresses the conditions for global economic and social viability, seen as a factor in successful ecologically-intensive agriculture. Based on a panel with very wide experiences, this work will fuel the debates between agricultural professionals and environmental groups so that farmers themselves become true champions of the agricultural biosphere.





1. L'agriculture écologiquement intensive,évolution des idées et des expériences


2. Les techniques de l’agriculture écologiquement intensive


3. L’élevage écologiquement intensif


4. L’agriculture écologiquement intensive à l’échelle d’une exploitation, d'une supra exploitation et d'un  paysage écologique


5. Les services écologiques et environnementaux


6. Les conditions de réalisation d’une agriculture écologiquement intensive







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Published: 4 february 2013

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