Atlas of tropical wood

Technological features and uses

by Jean Gérard (editorial coordination), Daniel Guibal (writer), Jean-Claude Cerre (writer), Sébastien Paradis (writer), 40 Auteurs (with)
Collection: Guide pratique
december 2016
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This book presents the main technological characteristics of 283 tropical and 17 temperate tree species most frequently encountered in Europe together with their main uses. Timber industry operators, producers and consumers alike, are the main users. This atlas serves as an educational reference tool for teaching and training in the area of forestry and tropical timber.

Notice explicative

Description des essences : 300 fiches

Pour chaque fiche :

Description de la grume

Description du bois

Propriétés physiques et mécaniques

Durabilité naturelle et imprégnabilité du bois

Traitement de préservation


Sciage et usinage

Classements commerciaux

Réaction au feu

Principales utilisations

Principales appellations vernaculaires


Principales références bibliographiques

Lexique des noms botaniques

Lexique des principales appellations vernaculaires

Tropical timber atlas Technological characteristics and uses

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Collection: Guide pratique

Published: 12 december 2016

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