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Agricultural robotics: part of the new deal? FIRA 2020 conclusions

With 27 agricultural robot information sheets

by Roland Lenain (writer), Julie Peyrache (writer), Alain Savary (writer), Gaëtan Séverac (writer)
Collection: Hors Collection
september 2021
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Throughout the fifth edition of the International Forum of Agricultural Robots (FIRA) in December 2020, more than 1,500 farmers, manufacturers, advanced technology suppliers, innovators, investors, journalists and experts from 71 countries around the world gathered to ask questions, share stories and exchange ideas about agricultural robots. This book is a journey into the state of the art of this industry in 2020, and includes 27 agricultural robot information sheets. It is designed to provide a nuanced look at the industry’s most pressing topics, from the overarching impact of the global food crisis to the everyday influence of semi-autonomous tractors on a family-owned farm in France. The book achieves this goal by taking a deep dive into the perspectives shared by FIRA 2020 presenters and panelists.

Table of contents



Chapter 1: Agricultural Robots Help Farmers Feed the World

1. Farm Machinery Must Support Sustainable Agriculture

2. The Impacts of the Global Food Crisis

3. Holistic Solutions are the Product of Innovation and Education

4. Global Problems Require a Collaborative Approach

5. The Path to Adoption for Agricultural Robotics

6. Advancing Technology Suppliers Can Support Adoption

7. Agricultural Robots Benefit Farmers and the World

Chapter 2: Successful Robot Adoption Depends on Reliability, Security and Trust

8. The Ag Industry Already Loves Technology

9. Robot Bashing is an Opportunity

10. Farmers, End Consumers Have High Expectations

11. Robots Must Be Reliable, Valuable and User-Friendly

12. Tech Companies Must Build Trust Through Responsible Practices and Customer Support

13. There’s a Lot of Potential and a Lot More Work to Do

Chapter 3: Farming with No Tractor Driver, is it Possible?

14. Civil Liability, Time Machines and the Case for Insurance

15. Safety, Security and the Journey to Market

16. It's Possible if Farmers Can Rely on the Machines

17. It’s Possible if Robot Manufacturers Can Deliver Proper Training

18. It's Possible if the Technology is Robust

19. It’s Possible if the Driverless Tractors Demonstrate Success

Chapter 4: Safe Positioning and Image Analysis

20. The Importance of Accurate Safe Positioning

21. The Importance of Signal Reliability

22. The Importance of Deep Learning

23. The Importance of Improving Computer Vision

24. The Importance of Continual Improvement

Chapter 5: From Lab to Success Story: What Business Model?

 25. The Key Technology Trends in Agricultural Robotics

26. What Makes a Successful Robotics Development and Business Model?

27. Startups and Investors: How to Partner Effectively

27.1. Trust

27.2. Communication

27.3. Shared Values

27.4. A Good Contract

27.5. A Shared Vision


Robot Manufacturers’ Information Sheets

Autonomous Sprayer, by Automato Robotics

AutoPicker, by TerraClear Inc.

AVO, by ecoRobotix

Bakus, by VitiBot

BIPBIP, presented by CTIFL

CEOL, by Agreenculture

ChickenBoy, by Faromatics

Dino, by Naïo Technologies

ERMMI™, by Easton Robotics

FAR, by Tevel Aerobotics Technologies

FD20, by FarmDroid

La Chèvre, by Nexus Robotics Inc

LELY Exos, by Lely International NV

Phenomobile, by INRAE

Plantalyzer, by HortiKey

RoamIO Series, by Korechi Innovations Inc.

Robot One, by Pixelfarming Robotics

Robotti 150D, by Agrointelli

Romi Rover, by Romi Organisation

Spoutnic, by TIBOT Technologies

SwarmBot, by SwarmFarm Robotics

The Digital Farmhand, by AGERRIS

Titan FT-35, by FarmWise

Tom, by Small Robot Company


VineScout, by Agricultural Robotics Laboratory

Weed Whacker robot, by Odd.Bot


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Publisher: Éditions Quae

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 1 september 2021

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