Biology of lactation

by Jack Martinet (writer), Herbert-H Head (editor), Louis-Marie Houdebine (editor)
Collection: Mieux comprendre
may 2006
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A presentation of the most fundamental features of the biology of the mammary gland, a unique model of an organ capable of an abundant synthesis of proteins: endocrinology of lactation, role of prolactin, genetics and protein synthesis, immunology and the mammary gland, nutrition and dairy products. Readership: students, teachers, researchers, health and agriculture professionals. Lactation Biology was first published in French in 1993. The English version is not merely a translation: it has been updated by the author.


The French version of this book, Biologie de la lactation, is available on our website.

La version française de ce titre, Biologie de la lactation, est disponible sur notre site.

Table of contents

Introduction XVII
1. Mammary gland, mammogenesis, growth factors, lactogenesis
2. Placenta and lactation J. Martal, N. Chêne
3. Hormonal control of cell division and DNA synthesis in the mammary gland L. Zwierzchowski
4. Multi-faceted régulation of cell differentiation by extracellular matrix Claudia Q. Lin, Mina J.
5. Oncogenes, tumor suppressor gènes and mammary tumors
6. Multifactorial régulation of prolactin sécrétion from lactotroph cells: transduction mechanisms A.
7. Prolactin-secreting adenomas and functional hyperprolactinemia
8. Structure, function and expression of prolactin receptors in mammals Marc Edery, Paul A. Kelly
9. Physiology and biochemistry of lactogenesis: stimulation by antiprogesterones Ricardo P. Deis,
10. Artificial induction of lactation H. H. Head
11. Somatotropin (Growth Hormone): effects on lactogenesis and milk production K.C.
12 The physiology of milk éjection: conséquences on milking techniques J. Labussière
13. The psychological aspects of breast feeding in women M. Brossard-Le Grand 345
14. Lactation and physiological control of maternai behavior in mammals P. Poindron
15. The molecular genetics of milk proteins and their gènes
16. The régulation of milk protein synthesis L.M. Houdebine
17. Hormonal control of casein sécrétion M. Ollivier-Bousquet
18. Immune factors of mammary sécrétions
19. Immune protection of the mammary gland P. Rainard, B. Poutrel
20. Metabolic adaptations and nutrient partitioning in the lactating animal Y. Chilliard
21. The lactogenic action of plant extracts L. Sawadogo,
22. Milk proteins: structure and biological functions
23. Do infants really need human milk? V. Barrois-Larouze,
24. Lactic acid bacteria starters and other starter cultures: present and future use D. Hemme, M. Desmazeaud
25. Dietary residues in human and animal milk G. Bories
Conclusions 662
Index 665


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Language(s): English

Publisher: Inra

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Mieux comprendre

Published: 31 may 2006

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