Méthodes artisanales d'aquaculture du Tilapia en Afrique

by Pierre Morissens (writer), Philippe Parrel (writer), Crespin Aglinglo (writer), Jacques Daget (preface), Idrissa Ali (writer), Pascal Roche (writer), Jérôme Lazard (writer)
Collection: Hors Collection
january 1990
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Various aspects of Tilapia farming are studied in this book, which comprises four parts: Tilapia farming in Africa and technical data on farming in ponds; the development of aquaculture in Niger, with an example of Tilapia farming in the Sahelian zone; intensive farming in pens in the large lagoons of southeastern Benin; and small-scale Tilapia farming in Africa, with an analysis of different farming systems and their degree of development.

Table of contents


L'élevage du Tilapia en Afrique

Le développement de l'aquaculture au Niger

La pisciculture intensive en enclos dans les grandes lagunes du Sud-Est Bénin

La pisciculture artisanale du Tilapia en Afrique


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Language(s): French

Publisher: Cirad

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 1 january 1990

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