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Cultures fourragères tropicales

by Bernard Toutain (editor), Guy Roberge (editor)
Collection: Repères
april 2004
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At the interface between crops and animal production, fodder crops play a specific role in production systems. Cirad, Inra and Ird have compiled the results obtained from 30 years of trials on fodder crops in West Africa, the West Indies, Reunion, the French Pacific territories and Madagascar. This book is primarily practical and has a dual aim: to supply basic information for use in developing cropping and management techniques, and to provide readers with access to observations and experiments. It presents recent developments in constantly changing fields such as grass species genetics or ecophysiology and covers more technical aspects with a view to helping livestock farmers with their choices.

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Language(s): French

Publisher: Cirad

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Repères

Published: 1 april 2004

Reference eBook [ePub]: CI760EPB

Reference eBook [PDF]: CI760NUM

EAN13 eBook [ePub]: 9782759211814

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782759208272

Interior: Two-colour

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 372

Size: 30 Mo (ePub), 18 Mo (PDF)