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Insects and spidermites affecting vegetable crops in tropical humid regions Identification, bio-ecology and agro-ecological management

Book 32,00 €

Philippe Ryckewaert, Béatrice Rhino

Guayule and Other Rubber Plants From Yesterday's Saga to Tomorrow's Industry?

Book 38,00 €

Mark R. Finlay

Agriculture Adopted by the Baka Pygmies in Cameroon Social Dynamic and Structural Continuity

eBook 32,99 €

Christian Leclerc

Tropical Perennial Crops The Economic and Ecological Challenges of Diversification

Book 50,00 €

Biodiversity in the Sahel Mali forests

Book 36,00 €

Philippe Birnbaum

Banana Tree A Century of Technical Innovations

Book 50,00 €

André Lassoudière

Farms, Farmer Strategies and Public Policies Contributions by the Olympe Model

Book 42,00 €

Knowledge and Rural Development Dialogue at the Heart of Innovation

Book 18,30 €

The Mitidja Twenty Years On Agricultural Realities at the Gates of Algiers

eBook 25,99 €