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The Power of the Biodiversity Neoliberalisation of Nature in Emerging Countries

Book 35,00 €

Remarkable Floods in France 2011 Inventory for the Floods Directive

Book 125,00 €

The War of Watts Energy Transitions and Prospects

Book 15,00 € 6,00 € (-60%)

Jean-Christian Lhomme

Man as Co-author of Evolution

Book 27,00 € 8,10 € (-70%)

Pierre de Puytorac

At Nature's Banquet Food, Agriculture and Politics

Book 12,50 €

Joseph Garnotel

Long-term Environmental Observation Example of the Orgeval Watershed

Book 70,00 €

Reaction-diffusion Models for Spatial Ecology With Instructor-led Exercises

Book 32,00 €

Lionel Roques

Insect-plant Interactions

Hardback book 79,00 €

Ornamental Plant Pests Trees, Shrubs and Flowers - Second Edition

Book 55,00 € 16,50 € (-70%)

David V. Alford

Guayule and Other Rubber Plants From Yesterday's Saga to Tomorrow's Industry?

Book 38,00 €

Mark R. Finlay

Searching for Vanished Oceans in the French Mountains Alps, Massif Central, Armorican Massif, Pyrenees, Corsica

Book 25,00 € 10,00 € (-60%)

Christian Nicollet, Christine Laverne