Understanding the issues

by Paul Mathis (writer)
Collection: Hors Collection
august 2011
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Media and politicians alike are spending more and more time on debating the question of energy. It affects a wide variety of fields, like climate change, "end of oil", transport, carbon tax, wind turbines, nuclear energy, everyday life, etc. These issues are raised in France and throughout the world, in a context of major inequalities between countries in accessing energy and very serious uncertainties. They give rise to major controversies and the 2050 goal of dividing our greenhouse gas emissions by four is going to occupy political and economic players for several decades. This book emphasises that problems should be addressed in concrete fashion, taking into account requirements and resources based on local situations and needs. A single solution does not exist as the energies complement each other. The author is addressing a wide, cultivated audience and provides information on the energies, their place in modern societies and the problems they raise for the future. It pricks the reader's curiosity and urges him to resist simplistic arguments, media pressure and publicity. He will thus learn to act as an enlightened citizen not giving way to irrational fears.





Introduction : indispensable énergie !


Le vivant et l’énergie : la grande histoire de l’énergie sur Terre


Qu’est-ce que l’énergie ?


Énergies : aperçu global


Les combustibles fossiles : essentiels, mais quel est leur avenir ?


Énergie, gaz à effet de serre et climat : un enjeu considérable


Économies d’énergie : le retour au Moyen Âge ?


La fée électricité : toujours plus, mais pas pour tous !


L’énergie nucléaire


Énergies renouvelables : de quoi s’agit-il ?


Produire selon les besoins et distribuer l’électricité


Produire et utiliser la chaleur


Quelles énergies pour les transports ?


La biomasse : quels usages, quel potentiel ?


Pour le futur, des percées technologiques ?


Énergie : les choix politiques








Symboles, unités, équivalences



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Published: 30 august 2011

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