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Feeding Horses

Inra 2011 Feed Tables

by William Martin-Rosset (editorial coordination)
Collection: Hors Collection
february 2012
126 x 190 format 264 pages In stock
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126 x 190 format 264 pages Download after purchase
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This work provides the technical elements required for daily feeding of horses, ponies and donkeys, from troughs and on grass. It is an inseparable supplement to the work Horse nutrition and feed which lays down the theoretical bases of nutrition.

1. Principe du rationnement

W. Martin-Rosset


2. Le calcul des rations

L. Tavernier


3. La jument

W. Martin-Rosset, C. Trillaud-Geyl, L. Tavernier


4. L’étalon

C. Trillaud-Geyl, L. Tavernier, W. Martin-Rosset


5. Le jeune cheval

W. Martin-Rosset, C. Trillaud-Geyl, L. Tavernier


6. le cheval au travail

W. Martin-Rosset, L. Tavernier


7. Le cheval de boucherie

C. Trillaud-Geyl, W. Martin-Rosset, L. Tavernier


8. L’âne

W. Martin-Rosset


9. Conduite au pâturage

C. Trillaud-Geyl, D. Leconte, J. Cabaret, G. Fleurance, W. Martin-Rosse


10. Prévision de la valeur nutritive des aliments

W. Martin-Rosset, M. Jestin, P. Champciaux

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Language(s): French

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 20 february 2012

Reference Book: 02300

Reference eBook [ePub]: 02300EBI

Reference eBook [PDF]: 02300NUM

EAN13 Book: 9782759217083

EAN13 eBook [ePub]: 9782759218370

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782759217090

Interior: Two-colour

Format (in mm) Book: 126 x 190

Pages count Book: 264

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 264

Weight (in grammes): 375 (Book)

Size: 7,6 Mo (ePub), 15 Mo (PDF)