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Terres de café

by Martine Séguier-Guis (writer), Daniel Duris (writer), Michelle Jeanguyot (writer)
Collection: Beaux livres
january 2003
Hardback book
210 x 260 format 144 pages In stock
38,40 €

When did coffee leave Ethiopia, its native land? Since 1550, coffee has spread from the mountains of Abyssinia, firstly to Yemen, and within a few centuries throughout the world. This book retraces the story of coffee and of "coffee houses", which have given rise to a new type of social life. It also describes the daily lives of today's growers, who are now having to cope with the harsh demands of global trade, and takes us from Yemento Braziland from Côte d'Ivoireto Laosand Bali, through most of the world's coffee growing countries. It is lavishly illustrated and suitable for any reader.

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Language(s): French

Publisher: Cirad

Co-publisher: Magellan & Cie

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Beaux livres

Published: 1 january 2003

Reference Hardback book: CI888

EAN13 Hardback book: 9782914330367

Interior: Colour

Format (in mm) Hardback book: 210 x 260

Pages count Hardback book: 144

Weight (in grammes): 914 (Hardback book)