Agronomes et paysans

A Fruitful Dialogue

by André Pochon (writer)
Collection: Sciences en questions
january 2008
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This work puts a small-scale farmer from Brittany in the limelight. The author, a driving force behind in and defender of sustainable agriculture, has been involved since the 1960s in farmers' organizations' fight for progress. He was a pioneer in terms of environmentally friendly agriculture, and has successfully practised the principle of "earning more by working less". How has he done it? For those who may have forgotten, a cow’s main food is grass! And farmers have much to gain by bearing this in mind. André Pochon has now retired but is continuing his fight in favour of environmentally friendly animal production operations, and this book recounts that fight and the history of his relations with scientists from INRA. He talks passionately of the contrasting but consistently fruitful relations between his movement and the world of agronomy over the past forty years. His former partners, who were junior researchers at the time, also talk about their experience, and they look together at the current situation.



Agronomes et paysans
Un dialogue fructueux
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Collection: Sciences en questions

Published: 1 january 2008

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