Vie microbienne du sol et production végétale

by Pierre Davet (writer)
Collection: Mieux comprendre
june 1996
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The first wideranging work on the microbial ecology of the soil to be published in French for more than 20 years, this book demonstrates the close relationships existing between the activity of microorganisms and plant production. It describes the physico-chemical and biological components of the soil, the interactions between microorganisms and the environment and between microbial communities and plants, and how these features should be taken into account in the development of more sustainable agriculture. It is intended for use by researchers, teachers and students as well as those professionals in agriculture who are anxious to maintain a natural equilibrium.

Le milieu « sol »
1. Les compartiments inertes
2. Les composants vivants du sol
3. L'activité biologique du sol
4. Les effets du milieu sur les microorganismes
5. Modifications des caractéristiques physico-chimiques du milieu sous l'effet des micro-organismes
6. Interactions entre microorganismes
7 - Interactions entre microorganismes et plantes
8. Pourquoi intervenir
9. Interventions contre des organismes défavorables
10. Utilisation de microorganismes auxiliaires
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Collection: Mieux comprendre

Published: 1 june 1996

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