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Connectivity and protection of marine biodiversity Spatial dynamics of marine organisms

Book 29,00 €

The Ice Floes a natural and human history

Hardback book 25,00 €

Fabrice Genevois, Alain Bidart

Green tides Forty keys to understanding plants

Book 19,00 €

Alain Ménesguen

A challenge for the planet Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

Book 17,00 €

Anaïs Joseph

Sea Turtles 70 clés pour comprendre

Book 18,00 €

Jérôme Bourjea, Hendrik Sauvignet, Stéphane Ciccione

Oysters 60 keys to understanding

Book 18,00 €

Marie Lescroart

Fishing from the shore History and techniques

Book 29,50 €

Gérard Deschamps

Starfish and their cousins 80 keys to gaining a deeper understanding

Book 20,00 € 6,00 € (-70%)

Coralie Taquet, Marc Taquet

Cetaceans of the World Systematic, Ethology, Biology, Ecology, Status

Book 35,00 €

Jean-Pierre Sylvestre

The Ocean under High Surveillance Environmental and Health Quality

Book 30,00 €

Michel Marchand

A Clean Sea - Mission Impossible? Seventy Keys to Understanding Waste at Sea

Book 22,50 €

François Galgani, Isabelle Poitou, Laurent Colasse

Life Under Ice An Oasis at the South Pole

Hardback book 23,00 €

Paul Tréguer, Laurent Chauvaud, Erwan Amice

Deep Marine Mineral Resources Forecast Study by 2030

Book 39,00 € 11,70 € (-70%)

Yves Fouquet, Denis Lacroix

A la conquête des grands fonds Techniques d'étude de la géologie marine

Hardback book 15,00 €

Jacques Kornprobst, Christine Laverne

Les pêches méditerranéennes A Journey Through Tradition

Hardback book 15,00 €

Jean Monot

Les requins Identifying Fins

Book 29,00 €

Pascal Deynat

Les filets maillants

Book 30,40 €

Et si le littoral allait jusqu'à la mer ! Coastal Policies under the 5th Republic in France

Book 30,40 €

Alain Merckelbagh

Marine renewable energies Prospective foresight study for 2030

Book 50,70 €


Summer mortality of pacific oyster The Morest Project

Book 61,90 €

Summer mortality of Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas The Morest Project

eBook 40,99 €

Ces algues qui nous entourent Current Conceptions, Role in the Biosphere, Uses and Growing

eBook 40,99 €

René Pérez