Animal rearing and production / Effluent management

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Livestock farming practices and environment Measure, assess, act

Book 39,50 €

How Can Agriculture and Coast be Reconciled? Towards an Agroecology of Regions

Book 24,00 €

Reducing Nitrogen Losses in Livestock Rearing Collective Scientific Expertise

Book 35,00 € 10,50 € (-70%)


What Innovations for What Livestock Farming Systems? Special INRA Issue Animal Productions

eBook 20,99 €

Fertilisation and Environment What Paths for Decision-making?

Book 42,00 €

Green Piggery INRA Productions Animales, Special Issue

Booklet 18,00 €

Michel Bonneau

20 Years of Research in Animal Production at INRA INRA Productions animales, Special Anniversary Issue

Booklet 26,00 €

Traitement des effluents d elevage Technical Guide for Designers, Research Departments and Small Livestock Farmers

eBook 10,99 €

José Martinez, Vincent Jaouen, Colin Burton

Traitement biologique des lisiers de porcs en boues activées Technical guide for the use of designers, users and plant monitoring agencies

Book 30,90 €

Marie-Line Daumer, Fabrice Guiziou, Fabrice Béline

Volatilisation of ammonia nitrogen after slurry application Quantification and study of key factors

eBook 0,00 € (free)

Jean-François Moal