Life and Earth sciences / General ecology

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Soils and underground life Major agro-ecological challenges

Book 49,00 €

Oysters 60 keys to understanding

Book 18,00 €

Marie Lescroart

The Loire, river and estuary A changing environment

Book 45,00 €

Soil Multifunctionality at the service of sustainable management

Book 45,00 €

Emerging diseases Zika AIDS, Chikungunya ... Understanding these infections and everyday prevention

Book 17,00 €

Jean-Philippe Braly

Astounding ants!

Hardback book 25,00 €

Luc Passera

Guide des plantes méditerranéennes Littoral de la France continentale et de la Corse

Book 28,00 €

Guilhan Paradis, Hervé Gomila

Émergence of infectious diseases Risks and challenges for society

Book 19,00 €

Which Rivers for Tomorrow? Thoughts on the Ecology and Restoration of Water Courses

Book 36,00 €

Christian Lévêque

Mycorrhizae Boom in the New Green Revolution

Book 26,00 €

J. André Fortin, Christian Plenchette, Yves Piché

Mémento du forestier tropical

Hardback book 49,00 € 24,50 € (-50%)