Fishing. Aquatic and aquacultural resources / Fisheries technology

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Le géant d'eau douce À la recherche du silure glane

Frédéric Santoul

Book 12,00 €

Careers in the fishing industry Passionate stories of the sea

Book 25,00 €

Fishing from the shore History and techniques

Gérard Deschamps

Book 29,50 €

Statistics and interdisciplinary research Getting involved when questions go unanswered

Francis Laloë

Book 35,00 €

History of line fishing Through water and over time

Pierre Juhel

Hardback book 25,00 €

Les pêches méditerranéennes A Journey Through Tradition

Jean Monot

Hardback book 15,00 €

Brittany coastal fishing Analysis and Development Methods

Book 38,50 €

Les filets maillants

Book 30,40 €

Histoire du chalut How Techniques and Materials have developed

Book 13,90 €