Rumen microbial metabolism and ruminant digestion

by Jean-Pierre Jouany (writer)
Collection: Hors Collection
january 1991
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This book brings together the data of latest international research and was conceived as the result of a summer school held at the Inra Centre of Clermont-Ferrand/theix from 24 September to 4 October 1990. The subject is the rumen as a fermentor and the means by which rumen fonctioning can be optimized for the maximum benefit of the ruminant. Most space has been given to the reports written by international specialists in rumen microbiology, physiologists, nutritionists and animal production workers. Several of the points raised in the book are the subject of current scientific debate. These topics were dealt with in workshops and round-table discussions and are presented at the end of the book in the form of short reports.  

Table of contents

Foreword 3
List of contributors 7
Introduction 11
Part one: Microbes in the rumen
The rumen bacteria 15
C.S. Stewart
The rumen protozoa: taxonomy, cytology and feeding behaviour 27
/. Bohatier
The rumen ciliates and their functions 39
R.A. Prins
The rumen anaerobic fungi 53
G. Fonty
Microbial interactions in the rumen 71
J. Doré and Ph. Gouet
Recent progress in genetic manipulation of rumen microbes 89
E. Forano
Part two: Feed degradation in the rumen and its control
Microbes and fibre degradation 107
E. Grenet and J. M. Besle
Rumen proteolysis and its control 131
R.J. Wallace
Lipids and rumen digestion 151
S. Tamminga and M. Doreau
Volatile fatty acids and protein production in the rumen 165
T. Hvelplund
Effects of minerals on microbial metabolism 179
S. Komisarczuk-Bony and M. Durand
Minerals and digestion: Exchanges in the digestive tract 199
H. Martens, S. Leonhard and G. Gàbel
Quantitative aspects of microbial metabolism in the rumen and hindgut 217
D.I. Demeyer
Defaunation of the rumen 239
J.P. Jouany
Modification of rumen fermentation by the use of additives 263
C.J. Van Nevel
Part three: Modelisation of the rumen
Rumen modelling 283
D. Sauvant and B. Ramangasoavina
The outflow of particles from the reticulo-rumen 297
C. Poncet
Rumen compartmentation 323
J. W. Czerkawski
Part four: Reports of workshops
Probiotics in ruminants 343
R. Ducluzeau, Ph. Gouet and P.E.V. Williams
Comparison of the rumen with other digestive microbial ecosystems 347
R.A. Prins and M. Durand
Enhancement of low-quality feeds: ruminants in Mediterranean and tropical areas 351
M. Chenost, C. Kayouli, J.L. Tisserand and A. Xandé
In vitro rumen simulating Systems 353
J. W. Czerkawski
Feed additives: impact on rumen function; effects on beef cattle production; use in dairy cows 357
P. Thivend, J.P. Jouany, Y. Geay and B. Rémond
Rumen disfunctions 361
C. Jean-Blain
Digesta circulation and reticulo-rumen motility in the ruminant 365
C. Poncet, C.H. Malbert and R. Baumont
Which diets for tomorrow? 369
M. Doreau, D. Sauvant and R. Vérité
Financial aid 373
List of sponsors 375


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Publisher: Inra

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 1 january 1991

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