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Agriculture and crop production / Commercial crops

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21st century agronomy

Book 39,50 €

Agricultural and food processing Between ecology and capitalism

Book 49,00 €

Cotton plant

Book 25,00 € 6,25 € (-75%)

Pesticide Residues On Food Grain Origin, What Becomes Of Them And Rational Management

Book 32,00 €

Francis Fleurat-Lessard

Pesticides From Impact to Changes in Practices

Book 36,00 €

Sociology of Arable Crops At the Heart of the Agricultural Industrial Model

Book 29,50 €

Crop Diversification Removing the Agronomic and Economic Obstacles

Book 25,00 €

Fertilisation and Environment What Paths for Decision-making?

Book 42,00 €

Cocoa Quality The Impact of Post-harvest Treatment

Book 32,00 €

Michel Barel

Palm of Controversies Oil Palm and Development Issues

Book 15,00 €

Alain Rival, Patrice Levang

Guayule and Other Rubber Plants From Yesterday's Saga to Tomorrow's Industry?

Book 38,00 €

Mark R. Finlay

Tropical Perennial Crops The Economic and Ecological Challenges of Diversification

Book 50,00 €

Banana Tree A Century of Technical Innovations

Book 50,00 €

André Lassoudière

Rethinking Crop Protection Innovations and transitions

Book 25,00 €