Fishing. Aquatic and aquacultural resources / Freshwater ecosystems

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Dismantling dams to restore watercourses Controversies and conceptions

Book 39,00 €

History of line fishing Through water and over time

Hardback book 25,00 €

Pierre Juhel

Which Rivers for Tomorrow? Thoughts on the Ecology and Restoration of Water Courses

Book 36,00 €

Christian Lévêque

Sensitivity Analysis and Exploration of Models Applications to Environmental Sciences

Book 55,00 €

Guide des poissons de France Cours d'eau, lacs et étangs

Book 16,95 €

Fabrice Teletchea

Derriere chez moi, y'a un etang : Ponds - Yesterday's Texts, Observations of Today and Tomorrow

Book 19,00 €

Roland Billard

Le silure glane Biology, Ecology, Farming

Book 36,50 €

Pierre Elie, Olivier Schlumberger, Jean-Pierre Proteau

L'anguille europeenne Indicators of Abundance and Colonization

Book 55,80 €

Gilles Adam, Eric Feunteun, Christian Rigaud, Patrick Prouzet

Poissons des lacs naturels francais Ecology of Species and Population Trends

Book 39,00 €

Olivier Schlumberger, Pierre Elie

Water and research

DVD video 38,00 €