Les insectes ont-ils un cerveau ?

200 Key Questions to Understand Insects

by Vincent Albouy (writer)
Collection: Clés pour comprendre
june 2010
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What exactly do we know about insects? What makes them different from all other living species? Are they just a sort of living machine, driven almost mechanically by instinct or do they have a trace of discernment if not intelligence? What place do insects hold in nature and why are they so extraordinarily abundant? Why has this multitude never colonised the seas and oceans? What is the biggest insect, which one lives the longest? This book is an introduction to the fascinating world of insects. It leaves us "buzzing" for more with its 200 questions and answers which, without claiming to tell us everything, give us the facts on all different aspects of insect life: history of the entomology, classification, anatomy, habits, societies, relationship with man, records, etc.


La science des insectes et leur classification

Comment les insectes sont-ils faits ?

La reproduction et la croissance des insectes

La vie des insectes

Les insectes en société

Les insectes contre l'homme

L'homme contre les insectes

Les insectes avec l'homme

Les insectes à records

200 clés pour comprendre les insectes

Crédits photographiques

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Published: 11 june 2010

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