Analyses economiques du paysage

by Walid Oueslati (editorial coordination)
march 2011
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The European Landscape Convention defines the landscape as "an area, as perceived by people, whose character is the result of the action and interaction of natural and/or human factors". Many view the landscape as a political, cultural and economic construction of relations maintained between human societies and space.
Which elements form the basis for the social organisation of the space? Which mechanisms are behind its change? What brings individuals together, despite their diverging interests?
The economic approach to the landscape has developed over recent years to respond to these and many other questions. This collective work compiles recent results of research into this topic.

Table of contents

Walid Oueslati

Walid Oueslati

I. Approches théoriques

1. Paysages et théorie du marché
François Facchini

2. L'évaluation économique de la demande de paysage
Robert Lifran, Tina Rambonilaza, Vanja Westerberg

3. Formes paysagères dans les modèles théoriques d’économie et de géographie urbaines
Geoffrey Caruso, Jean Cavailhès

II. Le paysage comme ressource économique

4. Le paysage moteur de développement local
Jean-Christophe Dissart, Dominique Vollet

5. La filière paysage en milieu rural
Laurence Amblard, Christophe Déprés

6. Organisation de la filière paysage en milieu urbain
Walid Oueslati, Julien Salanié, Frédérique Garnier

III. Paysages et politiques publiques

7. Politiques publiques agricoles et paysage rural
Sylvie Ferrari, Christian Lippert, Olivier Aznar

8. Politiques publiques et espaces verts urbains
Johanna Choumert, Julien Salanié

9. Politique de l’énergie et paysages éoliens
Alain Nadaï

Walid Oueslati

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