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Consumption and digestion of plants The roles of microbiota and functions essential to biodiversity

Book 35,00 €

Gérard Fonty, Annick Bernalier-Donadille, Evelyne Forano, Pascale Mosoni

Principles of Molecular and Genomic Biology Techniques revised and expanded 3rd edition

Book 29,00 €

Photosynthesis Physical, molecular and physiological processes

Book 49,00 €

Jack Farineau, Jean-François Morot-Gaudry

Biodegradation of materials What risks for health and the environment?

Book 17,50 €

Life explained From the soul to the molecule

Book 35,00 €

André Pichot

Metagenomics Developments and Future Applications

Book 27,00 €

Where the Mineral World Chooses its Colours? One Hundred Keys to Understanding Rocks and Minerals

Book 23,50 €

Martial Caroff

Reaction-diffusion Models for Spatial Ecology With Instructor-led Exercises

Book 32,00 €

Lionel Roques

Sensitivity Analysis and Exploration of Models Applications to Environmental Sciences

Book 55,00 €

From Domestication to Transgenesis Changing methods and tools for genetic plant improvement

Book 15,00 €

André Gallais

Can a toad detect an earthquake? Ninety keys to understanding earthquakes and tsunamis

Book 21,00 €

Louis Géli, Hélène Géli

Onto-phylogeny Evolution of Species and Development of the Individual

Book 8,50 €

Jean-Jacques Kupiec

Bio-informatique Principles of Using Tools

Book 28,40 €

Bioclimatologie Concepts and Applications

Book 45,00 €

Sané de Parcevaux, Laurent Huber

La régression non-linéaire Méthodes et applications en biologie

eBook 17,99 €

Sylvie Huet, Emmanuel Jolivet, Antoine Messéan

Les gonadotropines

eBook 4,99 €

Elements de genetique quantitative 2nd Edition Revised and Fully Updated

Book 53,80 €

Louis Ollivier

Assimilation de l'azote chez les plantes Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Aspects

eBook 20,99 €

Les deutéromycètes Classification and Keys for Identifying Genera

Book 31,40 €

Etienne Kiffer, Michel Morelet

Techniques et utilisations des marqueurs moléculaires Montpellier (France), March 29-31, 1994

eBook 18,99 €