Natural landscapes and environment / Climate

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Climate Change Which is Going to Change my Day-to-Day Life

Book 6,00 €

Hélène Géli

Do Soils Have Memories? Eighty Key Questions to Understand Soils

Book 20,00 €

Jérôme Balesdent, Etienne Dambrine, Jean-Claude Fardeau

Human Mobility and Environment Global to Local

Book 45,00 €

Agriculture and Greenhouse Gases Ten Actions to Reduce Emissions

Book 32,00 €

A Green Town The Role of Plants in Towns

Book 32,00 €

Man as Co-author of Evolution

Book 27,00 € 8,10 € (-70%)

Pierre de Puytorac

Long-term Environmental Observation Example of the Orgeval Watershed

Book 70,00 €

Adapting to Climate Change Agriculture, Ecosystems and Territories

Book 39,50 €

Natural Risk Management Lessons from Cyclone Xynthia

Book 42,00 €

The Gulf of Lion An Environment Observatory in the Mediterranean

Book 45,60 €

Floodaware final report Action 2.3.1.: hydrological and hydrogeological risks. 1994-1998.

eBook 0,00 € (free)