Agriculture and crop production / Engineering and technology

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Understanding the Improvement of Plants Breeding Challenges, Methods, Objectives and Criteria

Book 24,00 €

André Gallais

Metagenomics Developments and Future Applications

Book 27,00 €

Sensitivity Analysis and Exploration of Models Applications to Environmental Sciences

Book 55,00 €

From Domestication to Transgenesis Changing methods and tools for genetic plant improvement

Book 15,00 €

André Gallais

De l'eau agricole à l'eau environnementale Resistance and Adaptation to the New Issues of water Sharing in the Mediterranean Region

Book 38,00 €

Banana Tree A Century of Technical Innovations

Book 50,00 €

André Lassoudière

Farms, Farmer Strategies and Public Policies Contributions by the Olympe Model

Book 42,00 €

GMO Tested by Arguments

Book 28,40 €

Production durable de biomasse Lignocellulose of Poaceae

Book 28,40 € 8,52 € (-70%)

Denis Pouzet

Agriculture de precision

eBook 21,99 €