Life and Earth sciences / Techniques and methods

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Guide pour l'évaluation de l'agroécologie Méthode pour mesurer ses effets et comprendre les conditions de son développement

Book 19,00 €

La pêchécologie Manifeste pour une pêche vraiment durable

Didier Gascuel

Book 15,00 €

Ocean noise Maritime activities development and marine fauna protection

Book 30,00 €

Life Cycle Assessment of agri-food systems An operational guide dedicated to emerging and developing economies

Book 35,00 €

Farm animal genetics Diversity and adaptation in a changing world

Book 29,00 €

The Nanorevolution How nanotechnologies are already transforming our everyday life

Azar Khalatbari

Book 19,00 €

Has the time of the robots come? Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

Jean-Philippe Braly

Book 19,50 €

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