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Vegetable Stories

From Origins to the Eve of the 21st Century

by Michel Pitrat (editorial coordination), Claude Foury (editorial coordination)
Collection: Hors Collection
november 2003
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Orange carrots (previously white, yellow or red) were bred in the Netherlands for the first time in the 17th century. Beans, carrots and radishes were dwarfed in the 19th century for growing in frames. Did you know that the Japanese considered the radish seed as a sweet? This book tells the story of about thirty vegetable garden species since their domestication. Botanical, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic and ethnobotanical notions trace vegetable plants back to their origins and help us to understand how they have altered or diversified into today's varieties.


1. Origines géographiques et répartition actuelle des productions
2. Domestication et amélioration des plantes
3. Évolution de la production et de la diversité variétale
4. Habitudes de consommation et valeur alimentaire

II - Légumes racines, tubercules et bulbes 
5. Allium (oignons, échalotes, poireaux, aulx, ciboules et ciboulettes) 
6. Carottes et panais
7. Navets et raves 
8. Radis
9. Pommes de terre

III - Légumes tiges et inflorescences 
10. Asperges
11. Artichauts et cardons

V Légumes feuilles  
12. Laitues 
13. Choux
14. Chicorées

V Légumes fruits charnus 
15. Aubergines
16. Tomates
17. Piments
18. Melons, concombres et pastèques
19. Courges, gourdes, citrouilles et potirons
20. Fraisiers

VI Légumes graines et légumes gousses 
21. Pois
22. Haricots
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Liste des sigles et abréviations

Index des noms de personnes (patronymes)

Index des noms de lieux (toponymes

Index thématique

Index des noms de plantes

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Language(s): French

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 1 november 2003

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