Animal rearing and production / Veterinary health and medicine

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Feeding Horses Inra 2011 Feed Tables

Book 22,00 €

Douleur animale, douleur humaine Scientific Data, Anthropological Perpectives, Ethical Questions

Book 23,00 €

New Issues Surrounding Pig Nutrition and Feeds Report in the Journal Inra Productions Animales

Booklet 18,00 €

20 Years of Research in Animal Production at INRA INRA Productions animales, Special Anniversary Issue

Booklet 26,00 €

Animal health 2 2. Main Diseases

Book 18,30 €

Archie Hunter

Animal health 1. General Principles

Book 18,30 €

Archie Hunter

Encéphalopathies Spongiformes Transmissibles animales Synthèses issues du V e séminaire INRA sur les EST

Book 15,00 €