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Publisher: Éditions Quae.

The Synthèses collection publishes scientific and technical reference works geared towards higher education staff, scientists and engineers. These syntheses and handbooks, overseen or written by recognized specialists in the field, cover a given subject in depth.
It follows on from the following collections: Mieux comprendre (Inra), Bilans et prospectives (Ifremer), Hors-série "revue Ingénieries-EauAgriculture" (Cemagref), Repères (Cirad), Un point sur... (Inra).
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A Green Town The Role of Plants in Towns

Book 32,00 €

Ecological Engineering Action by and/or for the Living?

Book 25,00 €

Mycorrhizal Symbiosis An Association Between Plants and Fungi

Book 35,00 €

Jean Garbaye

Soils and their Structures Observations at Different Scales

Book 37,00 €

Adapting to Climate Change Agriculture, Ecosystems and Territories

Book 39,50 €

West Nile Virus

Book 39,00 €

Rupicolous Environments Les enjeux de la conservation des sols rocheux

Book 33,00 €

Pierre Pech

Farmer Organisations and Societies Reading Through Reciprocity

Book 36,00 €

Éric Sabourin

Sense of Smell and Taste From the Neurobiology of Chemical Senses to the Applications

Book 50,00 €

Learn to Innovate in an Uncertain World Design the Future of Agriculture and Food

Book 45,00 €

Comment l'herbe pousse Vegetative development, clonal and spatial structures of grasses

Book 25,40 €

Michel Lafarge, Jean-Louis Durand

Production durable de biomasse Lignocellulose of Poaceae

Book 28,40 € 8,52 € (-70%)

Denis Pouzet