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Publisher: Éditions Quae.

The Synthèses collection publishes scientific and technical reference works geared towards higher education staff, scientists and engineers. These syntheses and handbooks, overseen or written by recognized specialists in the field, cover a given subject in depth.
It follows on from the following collections: Mieux comprendre (Inra), Bilans et prospectives (Ifremer), Hors-série "revue Ingénieries-EauAgriculture" (Cemagref), Repères (Cirad), Un point sur... (Inra).
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Les maladies émergentes Epidemiology in Plants, Animals and Humans

Book 25,00 €

La truite arc-en-ciel From Biology to Farming

Book 35,50 €

Le systeme alimentaire mondial Concepts and Methods, Analyses and Dynamics

Book 45,60 €

Jean-Louis Rastoin, Gérard Ghersi

Introduction d'especes dans les milieux Should We Be Frightened of Biological Invasions?

Book 19,00 €

Christian Lévêque, Jean-Nicolas Beisel

Éthologie appliquée Animal and Human Behaviours, Society Issues

Book 35,50 €

Virus des solanacees From Virus Genome to Crop Protection

Book 86,20 €

La multifonctionnalité de l'agriculture A Dialectic Between Markets and Identity

Book 41,60 €

Groupe Polanyi

Exploitations agricoles familiales en Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre Challenges, characteristics and management factors

Book 36,00 €

Bioclimatologie Concepts and Applications

Book 45,00 €

Sané de Parcevaux, Laurent Huber

Summer mortality of pacific oyster The Morest Project

Book 61,90 €