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Danger on the Plate

by Sylviane Dragacci (writer), Nadine Zakhia-Rozis (writer), Pierre Galtier (writer)
Collection: Carnets de sciences
january 2011
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Moulds are everywhere in our environment. Some are harmless but others can prove dangerous, even fatal. Some can produce dangerous molecules called mycotoxins, invisible to the naked eye but which act insidiously. They are now proven to be toxic and are a potential source of diseases like cancer in consumers.
Which moulds are dangerous? Are there at-risk foodstuffs and more exposed populations?
This work deciphers these food risks in everyone's daily routine, in the food choices whether from the local, international, organic or fair trade market. It unveils accessibly the nature of these toxins and suggests means to counter their effects.

1- Moisissures et mycotoxines

2- Quels sont les effets sur la santé de l'Homme et des animaux ?

3- Que deviennent les mycotoxines une fois absorbées ?

4- Comment gérer le risque lié aux mycotoxines ?

5- Comment vivre au quotidien avec les mycotoxines ?

Prix Jean Pantaléon décerné par l'Académie Vétérinaire de France, le 6 décembre 2012 à Paris.

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Isabelle Christian

Language(s): French

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Carnets de sciences

Published: 1 january 2011

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EAN13 eBook [ePub]: 9782759216208

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782759209446

Interior: Colour

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 184

Size: 17 Mo (ePub), 14 Mo (PDF)