Bonnes bactéries et bonne santé

by Gérard Corthier (writer)
Collection: Carnets de sciences
february 2011
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Supposing we absolutely had to have bacteria to live? This bacterial community which lives inside us, where can it expand without making us ill? Did you know that it helps us feed ourselves by converting whatever we do not digest? Of course, it lets itself go by producing odorous gases, but without it no immune system capable of resisting infections, no recycling of food residues. It also knows how to produce vitamins and is even capable of eliminating certain toxic waste. Did you know that our food also contains bacteria? And supposing these bacteria added to our food could also have a positive effect on our health?
This book opens a door to this inner world that you only ever hear rumbling yet which dialogues with you and helps you remain in good health.


Les bactéries qui peuplent notre tube digestif

Comment se produit le peuplement de notre naissance à notre mort ?

Des bactéries en nous c'est grave ?

Les bactéries dialoguent avec le système immunitaire

Des bactéries ajoutées à nos aliments

Dialogue entre microbiotes "de passage" et nous


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Collection: Carnets de sciences

Published: 1 february 2011

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