Price cuts

Enjoy price cuts applied to some of our books since they are published.

Climate Change Which is Going to Change my Day-to-Day Life

Book 6,00 €

Hélène Géli

Cetaceans of the World Systematic, Ethology, Biology, Ecology, Status

Book 35,00 € 10,50 € (-70%)

Jean-Pierre Sylvestre

At Nature's Banquet Food, Agriculture and Politics

Book 12,50 €

Joseph Garnotel

Shellfish from our Shores

Book 35,00 € 10,50 € (-70%)

Robert Le Neuthiec

Ornamental Plant Pests Trees, Shrubs and Flowers - Second Edition

Book 55,00 €

David V. Alford

Energies Understanding the issues

Book 19,00 €

Paul Mathis

Quand le raisin se fait vin

Book 8,90 € 3,12 € (-65%)

Pascale Scheromm

Les maladies émergentes Epidemiology in Plants, Animals and Humans

Book 25,00 €

Les requins Identifying Fins

Book 29,00 €

Pascal Deynat

Introduction d'especes dans les milieux Should We Be Frightened of Biological Invasions?

Book 19,00 €

Christian Lévêque, Jean-Nicolas Beisel

Agricultures et paysanneries du monde Worlds in Movement, Transition Policies

Book 29,00 € 7,25 € (-75%)

Douleur animale, douleur humaine Scientific Data, Anthropological Perpectives, Ethical Questions

Book 23,00 €

Derriere chez moi, y'a un etang : Ponds - Yesterday's Texts, Observations of Today and Tomorrow

Book 19,00 €

Roland Billard

Les maladies de la tomate Identify, Understand and Control

Book 69,00 €

Dominique Blancard

Le grain de blé Composition and Utilisation

Book 25,00 €

Pierre Feillet